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Fortnight of Frenzy, New Subroutines and Temporal Allocations

Posted on by Benjamin Southall

Hi everyone,

Updates: I am slowly doing stuff with dvswitch, some of which will involve the new webcam I received (logitech hd c510, works with uvcvideo, though not with built in webcam in tandem yet). The dvswitch stuff is a side effect of my volunteering for 2011, which was amazing.

Other side effects include the development of my OpenWRT knowledge (I did lots of flashing of them for LCA) and getting to have fun in patch closets as well learning the basics about recording digital video. Additionally I am helping review the videos as well.

Also got a yubikey or two from LCA haven’t done much with them yet. My headphones broke (the pin of the off aux broke in to the laptop slot) in the middle of Vint Cerf’s keynote, but after some partially disassembly the other night, my headphones audio is working again.

Also volunteered at Lifeline Bookfest, for more long days and even less sleep. Not as many fun conversations or balloon creations this time, but still plenty of book counting, pricing and sorting. Got reminded that my fan fiction forays needed further embellishment and development. Managed to restrain myself to about 8 new books for the entire Bookfest, self restraint++. Bookfest also involved get trolleys of books down stairs as elevators faltered from flood fiasco.

Need to continue the gradually redesign effort of this blog. Other news includes my trip to NSW for Cheater’s wedding, was a fun trip and awesome wedding. (pacman wedding cake and harp and flute wedding music kind of do that).

Daylight savings time is interesting, I didn’t feel tired or jet lagged. Learnt how to play darts properly in NSW, not that I couldn’t play darts before, just that it wasn’t up to another YHA patron’s standard.

If I spent to too long talking about malicious overflows and memory leaks in HIPHOP as a potential FB attack vector to  a teenage cousin of the groom, my apologies, I just couldn’t handle the whole b@t f1l3z in n0t3p@d l33t h@xx0r thing.

NSW double decker trains are more interesting than QLD trains, but have far fewer friendly fellow passengers.

Other news is I started work, so I know have a day job which I am currently enjoying immensely. So much to do and get done both at home and at work. But if you want to catch up with me , most of you know where to find me.

I hope everyone is enjoying their Year of the Rabbit as much  as I am. We had 火鍋 which was wonderful in its peppercorn and chilli goodness.   What new foods have you trying or experienced a new recently ?

Best wishes,

Benjamin Southall aka Appleman1234 🙂

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