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Cracked, Resolutions, Delays and Chances

Posted on by Benjamin Southall

Hi everyone,

I could apologise for being late, like so many previous posts, or I can just keeping typing. I think I will do the later.  My eeepc’s screen is cracked and is still usable for the moment. 150AUD to buy replacement LCD screen, so at present I am waiting to see when the N570 atom are mass released here. (Given current CPU is n270).

Projects are happening slowly, still trying to find rhythm in the shift from student to employee, along with the search for continuous improvement both of self and of circumstance. Going to be setting up piece by piece progress so that stuff gets done gradually but eventually, otherwise it will get lost in the buzz of productivity that occurs in other components that interact with my existence.

Fixed this blog’s search functionality, ironically enough by deleting the theme specific search options. So now things should be searchable. I still need to get video and audio going , along with continuing the redesign and some other fancy javascript fun.

Course of action for the cluster, is getting the controller online, which involves updating the bios to support usb booting, by netbooting the floppy disk image, thanks to Redhatter  for the suggestion.

Work is C++ for the most part and is still fun. Had work trivia the other night which was interesting (we came sixth, with a difference of 5 points between us and the winners), but more interesting has been the various sagas of lost and found items or interesting people that have occurred whilst using public transportation in this city.

Books read recent include Japanese Things by Basil Hall Chamberlain (which I own thanks to Bookfest and have lent out to a colleague) (google books link here, ). Things Japanese is a wonderful book. , Working Effectively with Legacy Code by Michael Feathers, and Bill Bryson’s A Short History of Nearly Everything.

Had Bris2600 meeting last night, It was good. Lots of thoughts on my mind about some of the unanswered questions on my mind. Missing GURPS and other roleplaying dreadfully.

Lost wallet, found wallet, lost usb stick , found usb stick, lost umbrella, got new umbrella after normal shopping saga.

When I go shopping offline it works like this, I know exactly what I want, and most likely where it will be, but when I go to the merchant they don’t have the product I am looking for, I then have go to merchant , after merchant looking for said product which isn’t retailed here or is sold here but is only avaliable at one merchant, in one part of a multistory building.

Firefox 4 is interesting but I am so used to the plugin support I get from Chromium at this point, that I probably won’t rush back. Still need to get offline copies of LCA 2011 videos .

Hope your foolish first days of April weren’t riddled with serious consequences.

Have fun and best wishes,


Benjamin Southall aka Appleman1234 🙂



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