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Lemmings difficulity, Propagation of Entropy

Posted on by Benjamin Southall

Hi everyone,

How are we all ? Just finished lodging my tax. It was interesting, much more interesting than I first expected. I feel like I was playing Lemmings again, through a maze of legalize and taxation policy. Currently in a new place , in a new space, with a new list of things to get. Lots of nice restaurants around here, but I also relish in the return to ethereal methods of cooking, so much better than convective / conductive electricity based cooking. On that note has anyone ever cooked using Lightning ? I also have a microwave for the first time ever, but with the 福島県 nuclear incident fresh in my memory, I am reluctant to use it, and am surprised at how long it wants to take for simple defrosting of things.

I also need to estabilish my spice collection and find some modular bookshelves so I can unpack my 5 boxes of books. Technology wise I have been playing with ILSpy and Rec for multiple language decompilation fun. I really need to buy some ice-cream. Random interrupts regarding web discussion are obligied not because I care or desire to but because I am too kind for my own good. Is the Internet a hivemind ? No it isn’t. Because things made possibile by the Internet aren’t the Internet themselves. Collective consciousness first requires people to isomorphically share pherenomological experiences in order to streamline cognitive reference points.

Why exactly do I end up walking the drunk to the traffic lights, or obliging the random stranger ? I have a visual novel to be working on along with countable errands and miscellanea. Baby dolphins are quintessentially cute.

Web 2.0 is overated , bring back text, until we are shrouded in the Wired, where we can all love Lain.


Have fun, stay safe, will write more later, apologies for the interruption,

Benjamin Southall aka Appleman1234 🙂








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