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Chionarchimaniation, further musings, and silence

Posted on by Benjamin Southall

Hi everyone,

I am really enjoying the cold weather. I would have posted earlier but I spent two hours last night coining Chionarchimaniation (the act of entering a hyperactive / frenzied state during the winter or when exposed to cold weather or snow) , to express a concept in I had in mind for this post.

I still haven’t found a place to move out to, or a replacement netbook / laptop. I did buy a DWA-125 wireless dongle (for the Windows XP box on my floor so I can vpn into work) from Officeworks and was presently surprised to find that it uses rt2870 Linux drivers.

I love the cold weather, the contrast from the heat of shower water to cold air just makes me feel energised. Enjoying using Kmymoney to keep ledger of my accounts.  Much easier processing receipts as I  acquire them, rather than filing them and trying to decipher them once the warranty has ended and the ink is faded into invisibility.

No liking the lack of interaction on the bus, but I guess people just want to have their headphones on playing the sountrack to their existence in 128 KBs mp3 format, whilst they pretend that others around them don’t exist. Unfortunately they don’t seem to have the solipsisr attitude or belief system to go with it , just the behaviour.

Stuff I have been upto includes, assisting people with introduction to web application development, introduction to SEO, attempting to decomiple an application written in VB6. (I didn’t manage to with rec or boomerang, and as the person who asked found what they were looking for in a text file, they no longer needed the hashing algorithm reversed.)

Also watched Watchmen Motion comic and enjoyed it thoroughly. Interesting possibilities and justification for characterisation and setting. I hope to redevelop the drag and drop javascript distraction I previously made for this blog, preferably in jquery, but that will only happen if I find the time for it.

Most of my time has been spent at work, where I am familirising and further developing my knowledge in PL/SQL and Oracle, Telerik RadGrid and Telerik AJAX, using and abusing popups and iframes for fun and purpose, getting irked at ungraceful socket and signal behaviour (see for more information), Solaris diagnostics, LINQ magic, Vim and KSH, XMing and X forwarding over SSH and VPN connections using NetscreenRemote, NCP Juniper Secure Client and Shrew.

With regards to Gentoo GNU/Linux stuff on my netbook, sane_backends doesn’t compile due to change location of v4l libs, kernel-2.6.39 has udevd timeout issues with loading video card drivers using modprobe (hopefully fixed when gentoo-sources 2.6.40 or 3.0 come out), and not too much else.

Developed the chorus of a song this morning, should put it up on the lyrics page soon. Apologies to all the non tech people that don’t get the tech terms used above, it is ok, I am still alive and still doing stuff with things for purposes.

Have a nice week, month, < arbitrarily long amount of time here>

Best wishes,

Benjamin Southall aka Appleman1234 🙂

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