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Magnetic Bubbles of Distraction

Posted on by Benjamin Southall

Hi everyone,

Recently I have added some Magnetic Bubbles of Distraction to my blog, for those who don’t like to read stuff. (Which appears to be most of the people I talk to, I am not sure why)

These used to be on by default, but now they are no longer. They are implemented in canvas and Javascript (and based on the work done by hakim ).

They are separate to the drag and drop components of the blog theme, which allow people to move sections of the blog around the page at there lesiure, they are also seperate to the click to read links on each of the posts.

In Opera the pointer-events CSS isn’t implemented which means the canvas steals all the mouse clicks. For this reason control of the magnetic bubbles of distraction is done with keys on your keyboard.

Press b to start the bubbles,Β  press c twice quickly to create new bubble, place your mouse near the blue core of the bubble you want select and press d to start dragging it with your mouse and press d again to stop dragging it.

Pressing s with the same conditions as pressing d, will select the bubble and it will sprodically jump around your mouse, until it is deselected using s. Press x to hide the bubbles and press x appear to make them reappear. To turn bubbles off just press F5.

Best wishes and have fun,

Benjamin Southall aka Appleman1234 πŸ™‚



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