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Palliative Unrequited Requiems of …

Posted on by Benjamin Southall

Hey everyone,

New Year, Finally the year of video blog (vlog/ vblog / something else here) or it would have been if I could have gotten the audio sync in wxcam to align to  the video feed.

I also played around with dvswitch and webcams (picture in picture) attempting to ressurect the plans for meta vlogging goodness. Look at me , now look at me, now back to me, what you do see ? Its just me. We need to go deeper.

Did some further improvements to the manga downloader stuff in Python given that the source HTML stuff had changed, still not fully finished. Watched numerous anime including Black Cat, Candy Boy and Aoi Hana, recurring theme seemed to be unrequited love.

Had a birthday, had Christmas, had Chinese New Year. Birthday and Christmas were so-so, though quite dominated with food and rituals. Chinese New Year wasn’t what I had expected (No Yumcha :(), but I guess there is always next year.

Was at Bookfest, did some counting, some sorting, the change in the format lead to more issues given the lack of preparation for it. Lots more thinking about people and circumstances, and lots more planning and systems development then I would like.

I occasionally take 3-5 seconds to reminisce at the luxury of being able to watch movies on SBS2, particular foreign films at weird times that instigate cognition in topics and circumstances that are so unforgiveingly real but so esoteric that it appears that an extraterrestrial scene is unfolding before your eyes.

There are at least 8 Japanese restaurants within a 2km radius of me. I relish in this fact, or I would relish if someone proceeded to find a bottle, mortar and pestle large enough to contain me.

I have a bookshelf now, it has some more books from Bookfest. IKEA is quite interesting, though I would be content with just the warehouse component of it, maybe it is just all the exposure to The Sims Deluxe I had. I miss soothing background music. Was pleasantly surprised at the Swedish food choices, but didn’t decide grocery shop there.

Also got the VGA cable, though it is hard to use it with desktop as its motherboard has finally decided to resign from palliative care, despite replacing the power supply.

Still on Arch, miss Gentoo heavily, will probably plan a migration back given  compile time & reconfiguration time.

Freezer has icecream, though I don’t feel like it currently, perhaps tommorow. Umbrella got hole in it, Mended Umbrella, Umbrella got second hole in it, yet to mend it again. Ice cream scoop broke, acquired superglue but haven’t begun the repairs.

I wonder if sense data is enough or if the abyss will provide relief.


Best wishes,

Benjamin Southall aka Appleman1234 🙂



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