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Supernova, Umbrello, Anope and chapped lips and other things

Posted on by Benjamin Southall

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Hey everyone, I went to Supernova this weekend, it was awesome but somethings were a bit of a let down. <RANT> Disappointment 1 KA-LAN Attendance was so low…., I was only registered member and biggest UT2004 game we had, had 4 human players. On the upside however I did meet two really cool people :). Disappointment 2 I didn’t get to play / duel (not in tournament, just normal game) Yugioh with anyone, instead getting abused and heckled by 2 collectors that wanted my Gold Top Don Zalous . (Anyone heard the term NFS …..) Disappointment 3 Most of the stuff I wanted to buy was either to expensive in […]