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Supernova, Umbrello, Anope and chapped lips and other things

Posted on by Benjamin Southall

Hey everyone,

I went to Supernova this weekend, it was awesome but somethings were a bit of a let down.

Disappointment 1
KA-LAN Attendance was so low…., I was only registered member and biggest UT2004 game we had, had 4 human players. On the upside however I did meet two really cool people :).

Disappointment 2
I didn’t get to play / duel (not in tournament, just normal game) Yugioh with anyone, instead getting abused and heckled by 2 collectors that wanted my Gold Top Don Zalous . (Anyone heard the term NFS …..)

Disappointment 3
Most of the stuff I wanted to buy was either to expensive in comparsion to its actual value to me or not avaliable for purchase.

Disappointment 4.
DDR brang back memories of LCA2007, (Thanks mark_alec) and $3 for a bottle of water is a rip off and Tales of Earthsea premier which I really wanted to see was sold out… πŸ™

However Supernova wasn’t all bad

Leet Thing 1.
Meet two really cool people from KA-LAN.

Leet Thing 2.
Acquired lots of free stuff and got to watch 300 and Blackadder πŸ™‚

Leet Thing 3.
Got to hang out with Gatl for almost 2 days … (Thanks Gatl, I hope you enjoyed your uni stuff evasion and all your shopping)

Leet Thing 4.
Hellsing Ultimate 2. This was a one my first few exposures to Anime and I enjoyed it greatly :).

Leet Thing 5.
Got two possible job offerings and got myself a blueberry cheesecake in freezer at home. Yum πŸ™‚


Other notes about Supernova include , I got to preview night 9 hours early , then went into city and didn’t end up returning to preview night, instead spending the day studying / working (half heartedly) and configuring Anope (IRC Services bots) on Olympus and helping Dorian Gray get a new sub domain for phpbb3 testing and stuff.

I have chapped lips from the weather and lots of shampoo,soap etc (I don’t eat chocolate, and received an organic hair and bodycare pack instead (And it is all from the only range I would buy (but the shops won’t sell me), w00t :))

I also did some work on 008 (MAD = UML project), and while I don’t like UML, Umbrello makes the diagrams childsplay. I greatly thank the KDE Team for making my life easier once again :). (Dia is also good, I should probably rewrite / update my ORM set for Dia…, mmmm, maybe after I get Netrek Cow and Quadra 1.2.0 to compile cleanly…)

I have get back to work on the 4 group assessments I have to complete. (I am so closed to finishing my Linear Algebra one it isn’t funny, oh well maybe it is ). I also have to watch more Anime and read more Manga (Gatl and Supernova demonstrated how in the shallow end I was…)

I am still also looking for part time work and part time fun…
I am going to start chatting and studying before I have to catch the late bus to cheesecake (I mean home) :).

Hope you enjoyed your Easter Break as much as I did,

The Question today is
Vampires or Werewolves which would eat more ice cream and sandwiches and you have to state a reason why …. ?

Benjamin Southall aka Appleman1234 πŸ™‚

One Response to Supernova, Umbrello, Anope and chapped lips and other things

Chrystle says: May 8, 2007 at 3:01 am

I didn’t know they had blackadder at supernova. I love blackadder.

Werwolves eat more sandwiches and icecream. Vampires might eat blood sorbet though. Vampire can only drink blood whereas werewolves will eat anything in human form and in wolf form they tend to eat meat.

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