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It’s a fine fine line, out in the danger zone, Oh noes REMBO ate all teh Greenroom boxes except everest and olympus…

Posted on by Benjamin Southall

Hey everyone,

I was in a MAB101 lecture at the moment, studying F and T distributions …, but that is over now and I have Easter Break. COUGH!!! Easter break should be called Easter break from classes, because that is all it is a break from classes. (Easter by itself is special for another few reasons… (Jesus sacrificing himself, Other spiritual new life festivals and celebrations etc )).

I have at least 3 group projects todo and lots more study todo (ITB006, ITB008, MAB101 Worksheets etc). I also lots of catching up to do on chatting to people, blogging, publishing and finalising ideas and stuff I have created etc etc.
To keep a long story short… I am quite busy, but not busy enough to care or spend / waste time with good company.

I missed my 006 lecture last night due to a family commitment (Alistair Hulett concert) , which involved a BUS traffic jam and having to walk from Adelaide St to Brunswick St with my little brother, but we made with 5 minutes till the calzones were ready.

The atmosphere of the restaurant was quite nice, as were the kalamata olives, (the pips just slid out of the olive, and there was no strong brine aftertase.) The waiter was friendly and funny and the calzones weren’t bad (not as good as the Italian ones, but not bad at all). Real Italian calzone, pizza and pasta ruins most calzone, pizza and pasta made anywhere else or commercially unless it is made by an Italian.

The concert was awesome. Alistair Hullet mainly focused on the Australian and Scottish labour and union strike. He was accompanied by Dave Swarbrick on violin / fiddle , whose mastery of the instrument was tremendous, and had by foot which was keeping in time, sore from matching his 16/16 time with the occasional 32 in for good measure.

None of Alistair’s songs from Backstreets of Paradise were played, however he was kind enough to give me a link to all his Youtube recordings . His new albums are Red Clydeside and Riches & Rags so if you like folk music or protest folk music relating to Australia and Scotland (protest folk is akin to Red Gum etc) then please visit his website and / or purchase his albums.

He should be at the National Folk Festival in Canberra by now, if your lucky enough to be attending that then you’re in for a treat.

In Greenroom news, Rembo has wrecked almost all of the machines by quick formatting them and not making the partitions bootable, or bad images with no usb support or a single ip address configured. We also resurrected everest on a different machine (to its original one) (so the Greenroom has a least one working machine) and procured a nice big black server we like to call Olympus (one higher then everest). ATM we are setting up useful stuff on Olympus and we already have IRC. #QUT server and port 8000 I believe if you attend QUT and want to visit us.

Thanks for reading, the question is When and what was your last experience that you found it difficult to keep a straight face ?

Stay safe over Easter.

Benjamin Southall aka Appleman1234 πŸ™‚

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