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Spare Ribs, Webcam conversations and Wireless instability…

Posted on by Benjamin Southall

Hey everyone,

I was supposed to blog earlier, but have been overwhelmed in a gooey mixture of assessment, my little brother’s birthday celebrations, unstable internet and slow software compiles. I still need to go shopping …, maybe I can find some time this weekend for that.

I had pork spare ribs (yesterday) last night at the Norman Hotel. (whose registered trademark (R) was Mycity’s worst vegetarian restaurant, (Mycity is replacing the city I live in just so the stalkers have to work extra hard ;P)) . They were more pork ribs than the pork spare ribs and the flavouring was more like sambal oelek, than proper spare rib seasoning, they weren’t bad but the ones I had at a BBQ were both cheaper and better tasting.

I was actually supposed to cook last night but had the plans changed on me at the last minute., only to be thrown in another unexpected situation of waiting a long time for a bus, when I could have walked home quicker. That said the internet at SLQ yesterday afternoon was quite unusually stable despite a long start up time, and the fact that it used neither baselayout (gentoo’s net scripts) nor knetworkmanager amazed me.

I just reloaded the kernel module and issued ifconfig eth1 up which is interestingly a subsection of the activities from last week’s 006 practical session. If I learnt anything from last week it would be that lectures are actually worth going despite how boring or irrelevant they may be. Anyhow I spent the rest of my day off yesterday typing / transcribing linear algebra notes from the lecture. Hooray we finally made it to eigenvalues and vectors, I thought the day would never come.

I also watched an awesome German movie”Vaya con Dios” ( about three Cantorian monks and their journey from Germany to Italy, it was an interesting romantic comedy, much better than Love Actually or When Harry Met Sally etc. Daniel Bruhl did a wonderful job of playing Arbo (the young monk that had lived in a monastery his entire life, that falls in love with a journalist.) But that is kind of to be expected as Daniel Bruhl was in Joyeux Noel ( which is one of the best movies ever.

In short I recommend you watch Vaya con Dios as it displays numerous truths about the paths to God, Sin & the Church and the power of true love, not to mention Tassilo’s 3 jokes :). Prior to my day off I also had the luxury of meeting Redhatter in person and I must say it was a pleasant experience.

Cheater’s negativity is rely irritating me, it is like he has and AOE (area of effect) radius that negatively makes good things bad. I also accidently overwrote my linear algebra typed up notes (all 30 pages of matrics, formulae , worked examples and proofs). I tried to use Photorec and test disk to recover my files but as it was overwritten and not deleted.

I am now happy , mainly due to Dallas and his mac Phonebooth application and the Arnotts french fries I just ate. I also registered for ITSA, so now I am a member and probably on of their only Linux advocates. I am still trying to fix and optimise numerous packages for compilation, including creating the Netrek Vanilla Server and Cow client ebuilds.

I am also busy with finalising MAB101 quiz , 312 quiz and the group projects for both subjects, not to mention 008 , 006 and 711.

I am going to make a start and accomplish some of the many things on my todolist in Makagiga.

Other news, my webcam now works in AMSN albeit still unstable and with some colouring issues :).

Message of this post : Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming ……

BTW I will uploading more photos and some of my poetry and lyrics later on.

Benjamin Southall aka Appleman1234 πŸ™‚

One Response to Spare Ribs, Webcam conversations and Wireless instability…

dallas says: April 5, 2007 at 9:47 pm

What i like.
1. your path to eigenvalues.
2. your dissatisfaction for (spare) ribs.
3. redhatter’s pleasantness.

What I didn’t like.
1. the people who were negatively impacting you.
2. missing you on thursdays lecture. I made up for it by making new friends.

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