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Kill-9, Petri nets , Vi vs Emacs, The stupidity epidemic is at all time high, hope you got immunised as I only have a few shots left.

Posted on by Benjamin Southall

Kill -9 by Monzy: See or enough said.

Petri Nets

I am doing my 008 Software enigeering methodology report on Petri nets, which is awesome because Petri nets pwn all other methodologies because

  • They are a formal method and formal methods pawn. ( according to Week 2 Readings for 008 by Richard Thomas)
  • The have interesting, cool, fun, quirky and even coloured diagrams and animations. (Go see the ones on Wikipedia, they are so much better than Waterfall model or Spiral Model diagrams and best of all they are comptiable with UML or see below)

petri net example from wikipedia

  • Now the best part (especially for me, being IT & Maths) Petri nets are and can be formally defined in mathematics and have mathematical properties. For all the mathematical goodness see the Wikipedia page .
  • Also Petri nets are nondeterministic which gives you lots of freedom and options and freedom is good :).

Cheater pointed me to , Vi vs Emacs is the best arch rivalry. A few years ago I learned vi and emacs fluently and also learned C and C++. I then used them both for a few months and then forgot them. I had to spend 15 to 30 minutes just remembering the save and quit commands for both of them. I now use nano on command line and kate or kwrite in GUI.

But enough with the history…, this moves me on to the topic of Pirate vs Ninja. I never really decided which one I was and when asked first by Gatl (I replied undecided) and now again by Cheater (I also replied undecided, to which he said that wasn’t possible…) , now that I think about it, Ninjas and Pirates are quite similar in fact the only things that seem to differ is people’s opinions and stereotypes of them.

Ninjas and Pirates both fight with sword usually. (Pirates with cutlass, Ninja with Katana or the smaller ninja sword with the really long name)

Ninjas and Pirates are generally both dishonourable characters. (Yes Ninjas have no honour, they are assassins and spies, the samurais where the ones with honours)

Ninjas and Pirates are both resourceful in combat.

Ninjas and Pirates both usually fight to train, for money / treasure or for power. (Both can also be mercenarys)

Ninjas and Pirates respectively both band together in groups.

Ninjas and Pirates both prefer stealth and surprising their opponents.

Ninjas and Pirates both use napalm / pitch, poison and gunpowder :).

Ninja and Pirates both like the colour black, although Ninjas do wear it more often unless they are disguised.

Ninja and Pirates both practice guerrilla warfare.

Ninja and Pirates both enjoy alcohol. (Yes belief it or not Ninjas like Saki as much as any other Japanese person or non Japanese person for that matter)

Ninjas and Pirates are both not that special, they are just people that practiced the craft of piracy or the art of ninjitsu.

Ninjas and Pirates are quick to betray … (not-loyal) .

Not sure if female pirates existed, but female ninjas definitely did. I am of the opinion female pirates should have existed.

Ninjas and Pirates both use and create chaos to achieve their objectives.

Ninjas and Pirates both like being free.

All lot of real Japanese pirates (before pirates were modernised in to the crap with guns and speedboats), had a decent knowledge of Ninjitsu.

And numerous other similarities….

I am still not decided, but think that if Pirates & Ninjas meet by accident they wouldn’t fight without reason, rather they would go their own separate ways.

Also as my webcam works some more photos of me will be available in my gallery .

And now the stupidity epidemic, The Stupidity epidemic is currently effecting humanity, please use your remaining intelligence that hasn’t been watered down by the media, reality , your country’s education system, to avert suffering stupidity and to immunise your friends against stupidity.

Another symptom of this epidemic is ignorance and that should be avoided as well where possible, question , learn , understand, think critically but don’t become a heartless cynical hypercritical atheist pure logic bastard, because another major symptom of this epidemic is emotional ignorance and stupidity.

Things you can do to promote intelligence, think, think before you speak, think deeper, play games that require thought instead of just point click, be imaginative and creative, feel, believe, love and smile, etc, etc..

Best of luck saving your friends,

Benjamin Southall aka Appleman1234 πŸ™‚

(This blog’s question is If knew you would die tomorrow, what would you do before tomorrow comes ?

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