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Repairs , return to the grind, fun fun fun ….

Posted on by Benjamin Southall

Hey Everyone,

I am finally settled in, in the city. Uni is back and I am working hard and having fun, Laptop screen isn’t fixed, but HDD is upgraded to 100gb and battery is already fixed. I also now know how Brisbane transport system works. Speaking of systems reminds me of my new subjects MAD (008, Modeling Analysis and Design, information systems ) and Linear Algebra (MAB312, linear systems.)

It is good to see that the Greenroom hasn’t changed much. Still gamers, still same amount of 2 years hanging around (possibly a few more), although we are missing Adios, Everest and CS 1.6. I misplaced my gaming cd case,if anyone finds a red and black cd case full of linux games, please return to me. I really like MAB312, the matrix tricks Ian Turner showed us in the second lecture were so awesome. (spliting big matrices into small matrices and doing operations etc)

Despite all my worries I know have Maple 9.5 (I haven’t upgraded to 11 yet) working on my Sabayon Linux (Gentoo derivative ) and Minitab 15.1 working in WINE for MAB101. It is amazing I go away from Cheater’s negative / critical thoughts and my wireless reception improves, my webcam errors disappear (with a small C hack as well) and my Beryl stability improves and my networking and WINE setups are as easy as pie.

Subject summary

MAB312 : Great and lots of fun
MAB101: So far it isn’t nothing new …, but I am glad that I have great group for group project and that Minitab works
ITB008: Alright, heavy workload but good project group despite deserter.
ITB006: This subject is pretty awesome, well at least the Linux pracs, as Dallas said on the way home, the lecturer would have gotten more attention from the late night crowd if he had focused on wireless network protocols instead of wired.
ITB711: So far I don’t enjoy this subject, 1. It is C#, 2. I find its principles on Programming by Contract superfluous, just as you would find 3 seatbelts for one seat superfluous. 3. Because of the standard of communication by the teaching staff (I have nothing against different backgrounds, races etc or weird accents, but making basic grammar errors while teaching material that is already obfuscated by its nature, does make it tedious and more difficult ) Hopefully I will eventually like this subject, when I get to write some useful code.

In order to get Minitab to work I have to switch some of its DLLs with the ones provided by Klaspery (or something like that) Antivirus and get Maple working was just old export hack :). sed ftw πŸ™‚

Other projects I have stumbled upon include Ruben’s multicast chat client, that doesn’t work cross platform yet, Meritorious (I will provide the url for this cool game when I find it again), PXE & pxelinux and many others.

I have also been asking questions religion-wise / belief wise but haven’t moved much further yet. Note to people if you want to contact me do so, if I don’t want to be contacted due to being in class or lecture I will say so. Note to people that abused be in the greenroom: you just got caught by the fish. Note to people that didn’t get any of the other notes : Hi how are you people ?

I want my copy of UT2004 and Condition Zero back. I have been singing on the way to Uni, at the moment is the same random free thought flow as normal, but if I find anything worth remembering I will publish it. BTW I also upgraded to WP 2.1.2 and I have my todo list in Makagiga, which contains lots of different things to blog about and upload.

Explanation of server downtime: It got phising, then it went AWOL, but it is all better now. (/me points to bandaid and bo bos). Also Chendo has given the Xbox AV cable that he bought to QUT FIT people, so the first years can get new TV, even though he didn’t steal the old one…., This is kind of generosity and kindness the first years should be thankful for.

If this is short, well it is because more will come and if not then Oops

Have fun and keep living

Benjamin Southall aka Appleman1234 πŸ™‚

PS: Question is What question would you like to ask me ?

PPS: I finally to stop caring / responding when people insult me or Linux, I have been playing victim since grade 1 for the fun of it, but the same regurgitated crap is getting boring.

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