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Migration to the City, Waiting for Sabayon’s communication to clear, Hey looks its Gatl :)

Posted on by Benjamin Southall

Hey everyone,

Today is my first day living in the city, and it seems to be absolutely great so far. I am currently waiting for my laptop to return from warranty repairs.

Back at Uni I am, a week early, planning and organising numerous tasks and exploring my new surroundings. I got a new bed and its so comfortable, and my new room is so cosy :).

I went and bought my IT text books for my subjects this semester and I managed to get them second hand. (Yay!!) But the price still made me grimace. I only need to get the Maths textbooks now and some more pens and pacers and I am set :).

There was a big Sabayon Linux split up, with cvill64 and Squarebottle resigning due to development issues and expectations not me, and blackmail accusations and other harsh words.

I am remaining interested in contributing to Sabayon Linux, but have noticed (with the assistance and kind words of wolfden), that trying to help and implement my passion into Sabayon Linux ATM, isn’t currently wanted by lxnay (lead developer), so I will sit and wait on the sidelines till I am I wanted.

I also got new batteries for my speaker pillow (cushiony musicy goodness), and I bumped in to Gatl (Celia) at the secondhand guild bookshop. I then went to return my books home and get the ones I was loaning to Gatl.

Also got to instant message Cheater & Bo & Sabrina, I need to update my userbar, to patch / hack my fortune script, and do more interesting things to blog about, besides helping those Bosnian business first years.

Finally concluding this entry is me reminiscing back to watching Theatrebiz and remember BNW, Oh brave new world, with such people / things in it ?

The question today is If you were stuck on an Island kind of like the terribly predictable Lost TV Show, how would you react ?

Have fun & chill

Benjamin Southall aka Appleman1234 πŸ™‚

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