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I am 18, My Birthday Party, Christmas, The Party of the Futurrrr MegaPost

Posted on by Benjamin Southall

Hi everyone,

Sorry that this post is so late, but I didn’t get the photos back and uploaded till after LCA2007 (See the following post for more on that).

I am now official 18 (well 18 and 1 month and a bit), I can now legally choose to abstain from certain benefits of being 18. One such benefit that I won’t obstain from is the one which allows me to transact in online commerce. Paypal, Ebay, etc here I come :P.

My birthday party was hosted at The Sofitel on the eve of my birthday. The preparty (Organised by my mother) was fun , and I hoped I mingled enough. Thank to all the people that attended the preparty, your company was wonderful. Photos are in my gallery which is at the same address as this blog, but replacing /blog/ with /gallery2/ (here) .

The Sofitel did a great job, the food was great, the cake was awesome (see photos), the room was great, etc. Other great people included Derek Matthews (our MC and game moderator for the evening), the guests that showed up, (Thank all you all so much, for making it a memorable experience), the guests that didn’t and RSVPed (you missed a fun night) the waiters and event manager and the Sofitel organiser / correspondent, the pastry chef, anyone else who I forgot to mention.

Highlights of my 18th

  • Presents (I did not expect any presents only guest presence but I got quite a few, so thank you all very much
  • The IceBreaker (The background info that was only for Derek’s eyes, but he read it out to everyone, whilst censoring on ocassion)
  • The conversation (Lots of friends talking at the same table, gave lots of varied conversation, including hypothetical conversation about naming my future partner and kids)
  • Mafia , this was awesome despite Derek’s occasional mistake, People caught on fast, features of this included, Crazy intelligent, rambling suicidal innocent townies played by Ruben and I , The sneakiness of the Mafia, The number of people killed by Mafia, saved by Archangel only to be killed by Assasin, The crazyiness of the voting
  • Mao, it was fun, Andrew & Megan knew different rules to me and I got caught out twice πŸ™‚
  • The speechs of my father and me πŸ™‚
  • The Cake

To all the people that did not come and were invited, regardless of RSVP, I would like to eventually catch up with you all and this will be easier due to my relocation to Brisbane this year.


Christmas was grand and traditional, I shared it with some dear family friends on the Gold Coast.
The German tradition (of the presents on the 24th night) and the perform something for Christmas or no presents, and other traditions were wonderful. I sung Favourite things from the “Sound of Music”. There were bonbons and carols, and great food…..

Then slept till 25th and had Christmas brunch with the same friends, then went to family gathering in the afternoon.

The Party of the Futurrrr

The Party of the Futurrrrrr, was the New Years party I attended with Dallas and his friends, all aspects of this including the lack of sleep beforehand (installing Gentoo for Dallas all night :)), the drive to Brisbane, meeting Dallas’s friends who had a Wii, an awesome flash comic series on Newgrounds and cool future costumes. Think Robot and Buzz Lightyear of the Futurrr.

We had fun on the way down to the party which was out past Logan, it is a cross between a treasure hunt and a Super Mario platform game in a roundabout level. We got there eventually , and I met some more nice people and spent New Years playing Blank White Cards (Think Mao + Charades but simpler and crazier) , watching drinking games, singing and listening to folk and other types of music in the early hours of the morning, talking and a little bit of sleeping.

Only to arise to pancakes and smiles and the urgent rush of Dallas needing to get back to his office for Work. (being on call is fun :P). But all in all it was a great new years with great people.

Sorry if this post is too long or too short or too delayed etc, I will probably be updating it or elaborating if I need to.

Best of Luck and Have fun

Benjamin Southall aka Appleman1234 πŸ™‚

PS: BTW how were your Christmases and New Years ?

Also BTW, I didn’t finalise this post till after LCA so even though it all happened between 23 Dec 2006 and 5 of Jan 2007, the date on this post is kind of wrong

3 Responses to I am 18, My Birthday Party, Christmas, The Party of the Futurrrr MegaPost

terlmann says: February 16, 2007 at 3:58 pm

theme needs improving a little.
dont suggest you simply copy hsi site, but it would be a eyesore to leve this fluorescent green up ,MY EYES!

Benjamin Southall says: February 18, 2007 at 6:26 pm

terlmann: This is my blog, my colours, look in photo gallery and see my suit.
My WP2 theme (custommade / hacked by me) and my suit match. These are my colours and I don’t care if they hurt your eyes. πŸ™‚

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