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Kill-9, Petri nets , Vi vs Emacs, The stupidity epidemic is at all time high, hope you got immunised as I only have a few shots left.

Posted on by Benjamin Southall

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Kill -9 by Monzy: See or enough said. Petri Nets I am doing my 008 Software enigeering methodology report on Petri nets, which is awesome because Petri nets pwn all other methodologies because They are a formal method and formal methods pawn. ( according to Week 2 Readings for 008 by Richard Thomas) The have interesting, cool, fun, quirky and even coloured diagrams and animations. (Go see the ones on Wikipedia, they are so much better than Waterfall model or Spiral Model diagrams and best of all they are comptiable with UML or see below) Now the best part (especially for me, being IT & Maths) Petri nets […]