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Tara, Gold Coast, back to Gentoo where haven’t I been, hey look my wireless works now :)

Posted on by Benjamin Southall

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Hey everyone, I am no longer full of sorrow. I apologise for not blogging sooner but whenever I tried I got interupted. Going Places I have been very busy traveling I went out to Tara (out past Dalby, which is out past Toowoomba), to visit an old friend of mine. After spending approximately 2 days with him and 1 to 2 more with his family (Whose hospitality and kindness were greatly appreciated) , I have decided to aptly label him the Tara Gangster without a Gang. Whilst in Tara, I met several people, watched Hostel (stupid / terrible movie, gore scenes not gory, scare scenes not scary, sex scenes not […]